Larson & McGowin Launches Silvics Solutions

Larson & McGowin, Inc. is pleased to announce the formation of Silvics Solutions, LLC. The result of merging the practical forestry and analysis experience of Larson & McGowin, Inc. with the technological achievements of Metsys Solutions, Inc. and the vision of Dr. Mike Clutter (University of Georgia), Silvics Solutions, LLC brings together a wide array of skills and products under one roof. Our purpose is to bring practical software, database and geographic information systems (GIS) solutions to industrial, private and conservation landowners.

The professionals now working with Silvics Solutions are credited with developing the Integrated Forest Management System (IFMS), the Conservation Land System (CLS) and the ForestPro suite of software products; all tried and true applications. Collectively over 12 million acres are managed using systems developed by the professionals at Silvics Solutions.

The power of quality data, managed through practical, user-friendly systems can drastically improve the decision making of resource managers. Proper use of these data instills landowner confidence that their valuable land assets are being managed properly. Silvics Solutions provides tools and support for the resource manager to achieve their goals.

Barrett McCall, President of Larson & McGowin, Inc., stated, “The talent and experience of the people we have working with Silvics Solutions is what our customers will find most impressive. At times, implementing new technologies can seem to be a daunting task, but this team has worked with large and small organizations and has the track record of success in providing technological solutions that work in the field.”

For more information call 205-977-7707.

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