Land Management Services

We successfully manage over 650,000 acres in Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas. Some have been under our care for more than 50 years.

Our professionals have expertise ranging from intensive pine management (including mechanical, chemical and fertilization treatments) to natural management and lower-cost extensive management programs. Our firm is particularly well-known for our expertise in hardwood management.

We stay abreast of timber markets and are experienced in commodity product pricing such as pine pulpwood and pine chipnsaw. We also sell specialty products like pine poles and grade hardwood sawtimber. And our expertise in the area of stumpage markets has yielded top dollar for our clients – regardless of whether timber is sold by bid or negotiated sale, by lump sum or per unit payment.

Land Management Services:

  • Harvest Planning
  • Silvicultural Prescriptions
  • Timber Sales Preparation, Marketing and Administration
  • Reforestation Planning, Contracting and Administration
  • Sensitive and Endangered Species Habitat Management
  • Wildlife and Game Management
  • Annual and Projected Budgets
  • Road, Bridge & Gate Construction
  • Pond Construction
  • Hardwood Management
  • Natural Pine Management
  • Intensive Pine Management
  • Longleaf Management
  • Land and Timber Patrol and Security
  • Hunting Lease Administration
  • Dirt and Gravel Sales
  • Utility Access and Lease Administration
  • Ownership Records, Administration and Tax Basis Bookkeeping

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