Gregory P. Triplett

Vice President, Geospatial Services

Gregory P. Triplett is Vice President, Geospatial Services. Born in Louisville, MS, he received his Bachelor of Science in Forestry from Mississippi State University in 1976. He is also a retired artillery major from the Mississippi National Guard after 20 years of service. Greg works between both Larson & McGowin and its subsidiary software development company, Silvics Solutions, LLC, to continue to expand our service offering in natural resource software, including combining the Integrated Forest Management Systems (IFMS) and ForestPro Manager into a single platform now known as Silvics 2.0, custom Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing services, spatial analysis services, and other geospatial technologies.

He joined Larson & McGowin following a long and distinguished career with Georgia-Pacific, The Timber Company and Plum Creek Timberlands. He was part of the original development team that envisioned the IFMS system that continues to set the standard for enterprise GIS applications in forestry. Greg is a member of the Society of American Foresters.