This isn’t Wall Street.

This is planning, strategy, and patience. Every tree is earned.
No one knows what that’s worth more than us.

Trusted Experience

Our team gives you confidence in knowing that your land asset is being managed properly.

Investment to Service

We provide a range of services with a goal to maximize the value of your forestland.

Modern Processes

Landowners work differently today than they have in the past. We adapt to work with your business practices.

Full Commitment

No matter the size of the forestland, our team is fully dedicated to your investment.

Larson & McGowin brings six decades of established experience in land management, on-demand location support, and consulting services, with ongoing land management operations across the Southeast and extending into the U.S. Northeast, Pacific Northwest, Canada, Fiji, and Central America. Learn how our story began in the early 1950s.

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