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Locations in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana; other areas as listed



Property Details

  • Status active
  • Price Varies
  • Location Locations in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana; other areas as listed
  • Acreage varies
  • Usage hunting

Available leases for the 2022-2023 lease term will be posted on or around April 1, 2022 and thereafter.

***Current Lessees***

If you have a lease with us, you will receive a Letter of Intent at least a month before your lease packages go out.

If you do not receive your letter of intent, please leave a message or text us at 334-392-0025 or E-mail us at  

***If you have a change of address, please E-mail or text the change to us ASAP!***

The approximate* mailout dates of the letters of intent and lease packets are listed below by renewal date:

Renews May 1 – Letter of intent: March 1-10; Lease packages: April 1-10

Renews July 1 – Letter of intent: April 25-May 5; Lease packages: June 1-10

Renews September 1 – Letter of intent: July 1-10; Lease packages: August 1-10

*This is the approximate mail out date – it can take from 3 to 10 days for letters to arrive via USPS.

NOTE: Please let us know if you do not receive a letter of intent at least 6 weeks before your lease renewal date. A blank letter of intent can be downloaded from the “Download Property Details” button on the right side of this page. PLEASE NOTE LEASE NUMBER AND PROPERTY OWNER ON THE LETTER OF INTENT. 

Please check back for more information as it becomes available.