Our History

60 Years of Leadership

The Early Days

Businessmen and landowners L.K. Pomeroy and Julian McGowin form a partnership to conduct timber cruises and provide consulting services for individual and corporate landowners during the development of the forestry industry in the South (1938).

Mid 1950's

Pomeroy & McGowin Forest Service Company is created to deliver a range of forest services with an emphasis on continuous management for private landowners.

The company begins making timber sales, tallying every sawtimber tree to be harvested, and selling timber on a lump-sum basis - all industry innovations.

Early 1960's

Pomeroy & McGowin Forest Service Company introduces the concept of prescribed burning as a management tool.

Keville Larson joins the firm (1961).

Late 1960's

The company splits from Pomeroy & McGowin and the name is changed to Larson & McGowin, Inc.

Keville Larson is named President.


Founding Partner Julian McGowin dies (1973).

Greenville, Alabama branch office opens.

Robert Foster joins the firm (1975).

Charles Walsh joins the firm (1977).

Early 1980's

With the advent of personal computers, Larson & McGowin begins collecting individual tree tallies by plot which facilitates cruise auditing and helps to establish a verifiable inventory process.

Mid 1980's

Larson & McGowin uses satellite imagery technology for the first time to study macro wood supply for an expanding pulp mill in south Alabama.

Jackson, Alabama branch office opens.

Tobey Wright joins the firm (1985).

Early 1990's

Barrett McCall joins the firm (1991).

Alexander McCall joins the firm (1993).

Larson & McGowin begins offering GIS services, environmental consulting services and optimized harvest schedule modeling to a growing timberland investment market; assists the State of Alabama in developing Best Management Practices for Forestry, begins fertilization trials for targeted clients.

Mid 1990's

Larson & McGowin, Inc expands appraisal and acquisition due-diligence services in response to growing TIMO investments and the sell-off of industry lands.

Huntsville, Texas branch office opens.

El Dorado, Arkansas, branch office opens.

Russell Autrey joins the firm (1996).

Ruth Seawell joins the firm (1997).

Late 1990's

DeRidder, Louisiana branch office opens.

Larson & McGowin begins operational audit services to assist lenders with growing portfolios of collateralized timberland debt.

Keville Larson takes a sabbatical to teach at Yale University.

Barrett McCall is named president (1999).

Early 2000's

Kurt Krueger joins the firm (2000).

Larson & McGowin creates "ForestPro Manager," a licensed proprietary forest operations management system (2000).

Barrett McCall and Alexander McCall, both longtime employees with the firm, purchase the company from Keville Larson (2002).

Ernest Lovett joins the firm (2003).

Mid 2000's

Larson & McGowin expands international forestry work and continues utilizing remote sensing technologies in timber supply studies and timber inventory estimates.

The company purchases the assets of Metsys Solutions including IFMS GIS management system and creates Silvics Solutions as a subsidiary (2005).


Late 2000's

Grep Triplett joins the firm (2007) and opens the Watkinsville, Georgia office, specializing in Geospatial Services.

Early 2010's

Larson & McGowin develops a proprietary harvest schedule and GY model, THOR – The Harvest OptimizeR, (2010) for management and on-demand clients.

Daphne Smith joins the firm as Controller (2011).

Larson & McGowin Properties is formed with Chandler Graham to better serve the specific real estate needs of Larson & McGowin clients (2012).

Marion, Alabama office opens (2013).

Mid 2010's

Larson & McGowin expands Property Tax and Land Recording services serving the needs of small private and large industrial landowners (2014).

Ernest Lovett retires (2017).

Silvics Solutions releases new forest management platform, Silvics 2.0, combining and enhancing the best of IFMS and ForestPro (2017).

Russell Autrey, Kurt Krueger and Chandler Graham become partners of Larson and McGowin, LCC (2018).

El Dorado office moves to Monticello (2018).